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FlyGirl Recruiting 2Go is a free recruiting tool created by former college athletes for aspiring college athletes. It contains information and motivation to help guide you throughout the college athletic recruiting process. From how to build a target list (and why) to how to politely inquire about more scholarship money. From how to respond to rejection to how to accept a scholarship offer - we’ve got you covered.

How To Use FlyGirl Recruiting 2Go

FlyGirl Recruiting 2Go offers 3 important sections:

Write Great Emails To College Coaches!

Check out our partner, Elite College Recruit if you could use more support with your coach communications; personalized email templates, phone call guidelines & campus visit prep. ECR offers over 50 personalized templates to help you say the right things and ask the right questions throughout your recruiting process.

A Letter From FlyGirl Recruiting's Founder

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